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"I just started therapy with Jim Adisano about 2 months ago, he is very professional and his upbeat attitude makes me fell better, i have noticed already some improvement on my very bad arthritic knees. I highly recommend him if you need in home care."
Jan 08, 2020
"I also can not say once again how professional Jimmy and his staff have been treating me in my home. If it was for you I would not know how to work with pain management. I feel I am blessed to have your services and yes Jimmy even if I have to set my alarm clock cause it was my turn. Having David work on my shoulder releaving the pain using him electronical stimulation devise with message therapy and also Carol being there for me with her electronic devise with streathen my knee to relieve my pain. I look forward to seeing you all again you are the best caring concerned therapists. Thank you so very much. Debby D"
Jul 18, 2019
"Sitting in my home the other night feel very grateful for all of my services I receive from Jimmy, and his buddy David. I am overwhelmed with pain from various parts of my body that's giving me difficulties at this time feeling content pleased with my progress only threw the services I receive. As a professional we are all expect to do our jobs,this comes for you going above and beyond with a special thank you from the heart,for having your services with your tender touch. Your the best I would highly recommend your services to my friends and family. Thank You "
Jul 25, 2018
"Atlas Rehabilitation has helped me over the past several months with improved balance and I can walk further. I recommend this company for their PT."
Jan 16, 2018

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Jim Adisano from Atlas Rehabilitation has been my Home Visiting Therapist since May 2015. He did a general assessment of my situation and addressed these issues with a treatment plan. Jim addresses my concerns as needed, balance, core balance, walking, fall prevention, transferring, and he always works on strength raining.

Jim always has enthusiasm when he does the physical therapy with me. He always has something challenging for me to do.

Jim constantly inspires me to meet the challenge and to push a little harder. When the home therapy session ends Jim always has me feeling better and able to do more. I always want Jim Adisano from Atlas Rehabilitation to be my Home Visiting Therapist.

Joan V.

Jimmy Adisano has been the physical therapist for my grandmother on and off for approximately 8 years. He is now the only therapist she will allow to give her physical therapy; she is currently 93 years old. He is very responsive and adjusts quickly and easily to her needs and moods. Jimmy is the only therapist that my grandmother will listen to and follow his instructions.

Carla K.

I broke my arm and shoulder in a fall when I was 70. My orthopedic physician was critical of home physical therapy, but conceded to my request due to extenuating circumstances. At my follow-up visit, after therapy, the orthopedic physician stated that he was very impressed with my progress and ability. I am now 74.

Barbara K.

Jimmy Adisano has helped me more than any other therapist I have had. I have spent decades trying to reverse my severe back pain and weakness that I experience. My quality of life was diminished and I spent most of the time in my bed. After working with Atlas Rehabilitation, I am stronger and in less pain. I can walk further than I have in years. Jimmy is the most professional, encouraging and focused physical therapist. My family believes I would be in a wheelchair today without Jimmy.

Norma M.

Putting into words what you personally have done professionally for me is not simple, all the care both Physically and emotionally is not easy to explain. I must say, you have been here for me for my open heart rehab, my aneurism surgery rehab, my hip replacement rehab, and now the blood clot in my leg rehab, all of which were very traumatic and painful experiences that I can honestly say I wouldn't want anyone else to help me with the therapy I needed for recovery other than you. You have always stayed from the beginning to the full recovery of my surgeries and not only did the rehab to get me back to where I needed to be, but your personal bedside manner is sensitive and caring and you feel like a family member now. I wouldn't have anyone else. My Doctors are impressed with the quality of care you give throughout the rehab process. I say to all and anyone needing rehab care after surgery or any physical or orthopedic problems this young man James Adisano is the only man I would call.

John S.

Earlier this year my wife and I were both ordered by our respective doctors to have at home physical therapy. The orders were sent to Atlas Rehabilitation and we were contacted by James Adisano who contacted us to set up an initial consultation and evaluation of our needs. James came to our home and was very professional and seemed very concerned about our needs. He scheduled appointments twice a week for several weeks and was always on time. During these visits he was always concerned about our other health needs.The therapy was beneficial to both of us and if we require physical therapy in the future we would again use the services of Atlas Rehabilitation.

Pat and Ross M.